My Story...

I am an independent pattern designer, artist and lover of beautiful interiors.  I've enjoyed being a contemporary artist for many years, and I love drawing, painting and making.  Drawing in particular, has been at the core of my practice as a visual artist for years, and it got me thinking about different ways to bring my art into your home, onto your walls, upholstery, through lighting, and furnishings. 

All of my designs start life with the mark of a pencil, a line from an ink pen, or a stroke of a paintbrush, and take inspiration from the natural world.  I love the fact that it takes a lot time to create the artwork, that I’m a stickler for quality, accuracy and craftsmanship.   I love the fact that when you own one of my products, you have a unique, hand-crafted design that you can’t get on the high street.  It’s about combining natural beauty and cutting edge style, being classic, elegant and timeless.

It’s very early days indeed for my fledgling business, but it's been an eventful few years - initially completing an MA in Fine Art, and more recently doing a postgraduate course in Surface Pattern and Textiles, and going into production with my first wallpaper designs in the summer 2013, closely followed by fabrics, handmade lampshades and luxurious silk cushions.  My wallpapers are made in the UK, and our fabrics are printed in the north of England.  At the moment, as the cushions and lampshades are hand-made, and are only available in small quantities.

Renovation and Home Design

To my complete surprise Heart Home Magazine selected me as one of their 'New Designers' to show my designs on their stand at Home London in January 2014, which was extremely exciting!  I met some wonderful people - designers, stylists, interiors writers and retailers and had a great time getting lovely feedback on my work (and new stockists too!).

In April 2014 I was lucky enough to be invited by UK Trade & Industry to attend a Lifestyle & Heritage reception at the British Ambassadors Residence in central Paris.  Sixteen creative enterprises from Yorkshire attended the reception and we met a host of buyers from Parisian stores.  I spent an intense, but exciting 5 days at a brand new interiors show in Provence, France this June.  Discovering Designers was organised by TrendlineEurope, and hosted in Aix-en-Provence to co-incide with the huge Cote-Sud interiors show.  It was very nice indeed to have been invited there for the first ever show.

Now I'm back in my studio, painting, drawing and beavering away at some bespoke designs for individual clients (which I love doing!). You can see my paintings on permanent display (and for sale) in the Hope Gallery, Red Brick Mill in Batley, West Yorkshire, and on my new page on the website.

I've had my work featured in the magazines and websites below...

Heart Home Magazine New Designer 2014

Heart Home Magazine New Designer 2014

Member of the Surface Pattern Design Guild, San Francisco CA

Member of the Surface Pattern Design Guild, San Francisco CA