Surface pattern, painting, drawing and nature...

I am a painter, pattern designer, and lover of beautiful interiors and architecture. I've enjoyed being a contemporary artist and college teacher for many years and  now, after nurturing my family and building my teaching career; I am on a wonderful journey making artwork I love, and designing patterns for wallpapers and textiles. 


My Inspiration… 

I'd always painted and drawn since I can remember, but I embarked upon my wallpaper adventure in January 2012 after an inspirational trip to New York at Christmas with my young son and lovely other half (think fairy lights, ice-skating to Bing and Bowie in Central Park, family art classes in Brooklyn,  the Guggenheim, bookshops, walks in the park, indulgent lunches and a screening of  It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Day).  Love it or hate it, NYC wakes you up, makes  you giddy, and can be thrilling, exciting, dramatic and plain awe-inspiring.  I came back raring to go! It's been an eventful time since then - undertaking a Postgraduate Certificate in Surface Pattern and Textiles (with Distinction), and going into production with my first wallpaper designs in the summer 2013.

My Art Work

My fine art practice has intrinsic connections to my pattern work, but is very different too.   I embrace a wide range of approaches, from drawing, mixed media, painting, stitch and collage, and explore ideas of enclosure, exposure and sanctuary, and the interrelationships between internal and external spaces.  I'm currently involved in a long-running series of paintings concerned with a sense of place, fleeting memories and illusion. 

My Pattern Work

The city may have awoken me but it is all of nature and the countryside around where I live in West Yorkshire upon which most of my work is based.   Almost all of  my pattern design motifs begin life as detailed ink drawings of natural forms, usually from  photographs I have taken myself, and I am a stickler for quality, accuracy and  craftsmanship.   It’s about combining natural beauty and cutting edge style. I started out with two wallpapers, Coriolacae and Champignon to begin with,  closely followed by a third design, 'Flight', all of which have found their way onto fabrics, lampshades and cushions.  I launched my wallpapers at the Independent Interiors Trade Fair on 28 September 2013 in the Northern Quarter in Manchester, England.   It was a nervous step into the unknown! The wallpapers have been manufactured in the UK and printed by a major wallpaper company.